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Creating a Kickstarter Video

When you add “your story” to your Kickstarter project, the first thing it asks you to do is upload a project video.  And it gives you this helpful advice:

The most important thing about project videos? Making one. Projects with a video have a much higher chance of success. It doesn’t need to be an Oscar contender, just be yourself and explain what you want to do.

But I have yet to find a funded project that didn’t have a pretty high quality video. Continue reading

A Better Way of Learning about the U.S. States

Memorizing the state capitals is a right of passage for most middle schoolers. Often they use flashcards or some similar memorization technique to learn them.  But it’s a bit of a meaningless exercise, isn’t it? Kids are generally pretty good at memorizing simple facts when they put their minds to it, but those minds can be like sieves – the data goes out as easily as it goes in. Continue reading