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President Master card game in the works

Perhaps it’s a little premature to start talking about the “next game” when I haven’t yet released the first one, but… well…

The next game I plan to release after State Master is President Master.  The first design is complete and I just ordered the prototype from The Game Crafter yesterday. Game play is almost identical to State Master, but I’ve added an Assassin Card: Continue reading

Synonym Cards

I’m working on a few other educational games in addition to State Master. My main purpose for making these games is have them to play with my own kids, but I’m also hopeful that there will be a wider market for them. However, there’s one game I’m working on now, a vocabulary/synonym card game, that I may never be allowed to sell for legal reasons…

I’m lucky to have three avid readers. Here’s a picture of them “watching the Super Bowl” in 2012. Continue reading

Creating a Kickstarter Video

When you add “your story” to your Kickstarter project, the first thing it asks you to do is upload a project video.  And it gives you this helpful advice:

The most important thing about project videos? Making one. Projects with a video have a much higher chance of success. It doesn’t need to be an Oscar contender, just be yourself and explain what you want to do.

But I have yet to find a funded project that didn’t have a pretty high quality video. Continue reading

A Better Way of Learning about the U.S. States

Memorizing the state capitals is a right of passage for most middle schoolers. Often they use flashcards or some similar memorization technique to learn them.  But it’s a bit of a meaningless exercise, isn’t it? Kids are generally pretty good at memorizing simple facts when they put their minds to it, but those minds can be like sieves – the data goes out as easily as it goes in. Continue reading