President Master card game in the works

Perhaps it’s a little premature to start talking about the “next game” when I haven’t yet released the first one, but… well…

The next game I plan to release after State Master is President Master.  The first design is complete and I just ordered the prototype from The Game Crafter yesterday. Game play is almost identical to State Master, but I’ve added an Assassin Card:

Assassins CardEach player gets one Assassin Card to use one time in the game.  The Assassin Card can be played to claim a card that has been previously claimed by another player.

The President Cards look like this:

President Cards Fanned OutAnd here’s the other side of Ronald Reagan’s card:

Ronald Reagan Card

See the complete rules of President Master here.  If our State Master Kickstarter campaign is successful, I may follow it with a campaign for President Master.  In the meantime, a I’ll offer a prototype version of President Master as one of the rewards for in my State Master Kickstarter campaign.

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