Creating a Kickstarter Video

When you add “your story” to your Kickstarter project, the first thing it asks you to do is upload a project video.  And it gives you this helpful advice:

The most important thing about project videos? Making one. Projects with a video have a much higher chance of success. It doesn’t need to be an Oscar contender, just be yourself and explain what you want to do.

But I have yet to find a funded project that didn’t have a pretty high quality video. And in talking with a couple of people who got their projects funded, their advice was to get a professional to do it.  One very helpful person (thanks, Teresa!) pointed me to Dan Shapiro’s Anatomy of a $631,230 Kickstarter Video, a blog post in which the creator of Robot Turtles explains how he went about creating the video for his project.

So, after receiving some feedback on my initial quaint and home-made style video, I’ve decided to go back to the drawing board.  The thing I find the most challenging is that State Master is an extremely simple game. That simplicity is part of what makes it great, but it gives me little to say about the game itself. I don’t want to create a video that shows kids shouting and giggling when they’re playing the game, because that’s not real. They enjoy it, but given the choice between State Master and Lego Star Wars, they’d choose Lego Star Wars every time.

So, in my video, I have to sell people on three main points:

  1. You and your kids will find State Master engaging right from the start.
  2. Your kids will learn more about the states playing this game than they would playing other similar games or through studying using flashcards or some other method.
  3. That learning will make the game even more engaging, so they’ll play more, learn more, and continue to reinforce what they learn.

That’s how it has played out in our family and I’m confident it will work for other families as well. So, how do I tell that story in a short video and make it exciting enough to get people to back the game? That’s what I’m working on now and I am happy to say have a friend who is a video pro who might help me out!

Here’s the quaint and home-made style video that won’t be my project video when I launch.

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